We specialize in coordinating partners and sub-projects and operate as an interdisciplinary interface between the business and technical professionals.

In international projects we help you, your team and your organization to cross borders, overcome barriers of all kinds, set up new deals, find, meet and understand your foreign partners, speed up your cooperation processes and thereby save you time and money.

As former consultants to project leaders and executives of global firms and institutions, we understand very well all of your needs in the face of critical deadlines.

Examples of topics

  • Country focus CHINA
    Project development, organization and localization of products or business models, developing bilateral programs, implementing specific funding programs and evaluating proposals
  • Education and training
    Cooperation with vocational training centers and universities, developing and adapting training modules for professionals (e.g. in joint ventures)
  • IP and R&D
    Expansion of strategies relating to the IP portfolio of enterprises, ideas and innovation management, institutional or project specific cooperation in R&D centers
  • IT
    Business process modelling (BPMN 2.0), software testing methods and management

Reference Projects

China, industry

  • Chinese-German automobile joint venture: Delivery of a strategic development plan for establishing university cooperations in China, including implementation activities with selected partners for improving academic programs and joint research projects.
  • Delivery of a customer analysis for a German printing company, organization and participation of discussions with Chinese cooperation partners.
  • German trading company: translations and correspondence with a Chinese cooperation partner, clarifying patent related issues.

China, institutions

  • German long-term project promoting the patent system in China: Supporting project management, planning and implementing training seminars in China, translations of technical documents, initiating and coordinating new business for service units, editing a draft of a feasibility study for a new patent information system.
  • EU-China Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Program: Delivery of a draft for joint web-based IPR-network, enlist important public and research institutions to join the network, delivery of website designs for the Chinese Trade Mark Office and Copyright Office with focus on search and database functionality.

IP Intellectual Property

  • Delivery of a detailed Feasibility-Study and Development Plan for the Turkish Industrial Property System, e.g. business re-engineering, automation of administrative processes, modernization of search systems for patents and trademarks, training modules, cost assessment, financing. The World Bank raised the loan consiberably as a result of the professionally well-received study.
  • EU-ASEAN Intellectual Property Rights Program: Delivery of modernization plans regarding the IPR systems in Thailand and the Philippines, including the modernization of IT-systems, training programs and cooperation activities to combat piracy.

IT Information technologies

  • German technology group: technical system analysis, detailed modelling of business processes in patent and trademark offices, supporting the project team in customer relations, demand analysing and bidding, development of five specific work stations.
  • German bank: delivery of training programs concerning the testing of the new SAP-system and supporting the test management.
  • Enterprise start-up: Development of a new business concerning the sales and distribution of sheet music on internet, the business plan and specifiation requirements for the web-based archiving and retrieval system.

R&D Research & Development

  • Universities in Canada and United Arab Emirates: Delivery of various studies to provide a basis for strategic improvement of existing academic and research programs, initiating and coordinting bilateal cooperations between universities in the field of renewable energy.
  • Federal German Industiral Collective Research Program: Evaluation of specific parts of the program, conducting interviews with research associations, program owners and research institute concerning their program processes and related problems and reporting thereof.